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We have extensive experience to reduce application release time by test automation.


We have extensive experience to reduce application release time by test automation.


We have a methodological approach for test automation to ensure that myths of test automation are taken care of and client get anticipated RoI from test automation initiative. The work flow below provides basic overview of our approach for test automation engagement:


Test automation service is most appropriate in terms of financial benefit, dependency risk management in various situation such as:
  • Application has responsive design and flash objects in user interface and manual testing is time consuming
  • Convention way of click-record and enhance auto-generated script is not feasible
  • Existing automation scripts are obsolete due to tool version or application enhancement
  • Manual test cases are obsolete due to application enhancement
  • Functional documents is either not available or out of date due to numerous enhancement of application over period of time
  • QA resource cost and dependencies are high due to application and test case insight
  • Client want to reach out newer market segments in quick and confident manner before competitors take away market share
Our test automation experience summary:
  • Test automation at business domains sensitive for application quality such as Health Care, Sales, HR, Manufacturing and e-Commerce
  • 23 applications without manual test cases
  • 11 applications with manual test cases out of sync with current version of application
  • 9 applications with obsolete automation scripts due to tool license expiration or incomplete automation initiative
  • Test automation with help of open source tools such as Selenium, jMeter and licensed tools such as Telerik, QTP

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