Testing - Mobility Solution Quality Assurance

We have tested 180 applications developed by client’s own team or IT vendor


We understand the difference between mobile application and mobile browser accessible application from technical and end user perspectives as we have developed 600 applications for mobile platforms for our clients where QA team did testing. We have tested 180 applications developed by client’s own team or IT vendor.



We have tested mobility solutions for different purposes and a brief list of various type of testing is as below:


Exploratory Test

An intensive exploration of the App including functional App testing to seek out any defects.

User Interface Test

Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning testing techniques will be used on user inputs.

Usability Test

Using the App from end-users perspective, and testing out typical user scenarios to find defects and weaknesses.

Negative Test

Ensuring the App behaves as expected when attempts are made to use the App incorrectly or maliciously.

Navigation Test

Checking all menu functions, plus links between each of the Apps screens and externally linked pages.

Network Test

Ensuring network disconnects and low signal strength do not adversely affect the App's functionality.

Aesthetics Rating

An independent assessment that includes comments on the layout, color schemes, fonts, graphics etc.


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