More than 50% of product companies are racing into building Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) channels, with almost all seeing DTC relevant to their consumers
Encouraging consumer centric marketing through location enabled advertising
Direct to Consumer Solution

Direct to Consumer Solution


Consumers have access to more information and buying opportunities than ever before. They can compare pricing, read product reviews, complain about poor customer service anytime and anywhere. As a result, consumers have higher expectations from brands and the retailers. In order to meet their expectations, brands need to rethink their relationship with consumers or retail partners for getting their goods and services to consumers. One of the way brands discovered is to begin selling online directly to consumers.



L.E.A.P - Location Enabled Advertising & Promotion Platform

LEAP acts as a collaborative platform for brand companies to directly connect and understand their consumers precisely. Brands can accomplish location based advertising and promotions to attract their consumers. With this, consumers are encouraged to share their reviews directly with brands which in turn gets resolved and through offers, games, surveys, product details. This arrangement makes the active participation of consumers and build a stronger connect with the brands.


  • Consumer purchase behavior, loyalty programs and re-targeting strategies
  • Bring people close to retail outlets thereby
  • Enable companies to influence people
  • Retailers can also push deals and coupons
  • Gather consumer’s recommendations and feedbacks for multiple products
  • Understand buying pattern of each consumer
  • Increase lifetime consumer value (LCV)
  • Core insights for marketing & supply chain through analytics
  • Measure purchase frequency, product performance & determine order forecast
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How it works

How it works

LEAP help brands to connect with today’s consumers who are well versed with digital technologies. With this D2C platform, brands have the power to manage their customer relationships. Brands open new channels and broaden their customer reach that can bring increased revenue streams, profits, and financial performance. Established brands can bring more flexibility in launching and marketing their products.


What is in for

  • Consumers

    • Receive alerts on interest based advertising
    • Involve in games, winning tangible rewards
    • Receive notifications about deals & discounts
    • Chat with nearby people to discover about product
    • Redeem the coupon of the deal opted for
    • Scan to understand product description
  • Merchant

    • Company based profile authentication
    • Master your employees with product details
    • Handy feedback on multiple products
    • Authenticate the deal
    • View deal redeem history
  • Brand Owners

    • Manage event and advertisement
    • Store and pin creation
    • Product management
    • Rewards management
    • Merchant connect
    • Analytics and reporting


Benefits of using Direct to Consumer solution:

  • Establish a direct 'connect' with consumers
  • Bring visibility across retailors/distributors network
  • Incentives for consumers to record their product consumption, behavior, purchase pattern, preferences and feedbacks
  • Leverage the power of gamification
  • Enable location based promotion & advertisement
  • Understand and monitor consumer preferences
  • Build influential strategy based on consumer behavior
  • Attract consumer to the Brick & Mortar store

Direct-to-consumer provision makes the buyer more confident about their buying decisions. Shoppers love it when brands interact directly with them. Also, they get direct access to the most accurate information and support.

LEAP in Nutshell

LEAP in Nutshell

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