Digital Marketing As a Service (DMAS)

A Powerful Combination of Technology-Driven Marketing Framework and a Team that Delivers Strategy-Driven Results
100 Enterprise customers across 18 industries have benefitted from our solutions. 354 Leading Publications deliver 2 Million Ads, 3 Million Print Design Pages and 20000 Online Ad designs every year





  • Digital Marketing Services in Healthcare Segment: End-to-end roadmap for new product launch in North America
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing Service in Insurance Segment: 20% increase in monthly registered customers & 1000+ unique visitors’ monthly
  • Effective Social Media Campaigns in Retail Segment: Geographical enhancement, increased product awareness and facilitate sales in Australia
  • Digital Media Campaign for Medical Tourism: Successfully managed campaign for Asia’s leading hospital specialized in robotic surgery
  • Managing Digital Marketing services for Norway’s Leading Car Service and Trading Company: Increased customer stickiness by 25%
  • Providing Digital Marketing services for Sweden based ITIL Product Company: Web Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Marketing and Social Marketing
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing services for Tourism startup in Europe: Defined and executed DMS roadmap for 2 years
  • Video Marketing Platform: Robust mobile video creation and delivery platform in Japan
  • Digital Marketing services for Automotive segment: 27% increase in online traffic through innovative campaigns for leading company in Nordic region
  • Image Processing for leading Consumer Media & Learning sector company: 35,000+ images processed per year and images from 20+ magazines are managed



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