Cloud-Migration und Cloud-Optimierungs Angebote

Best of breed SaaS solutions that match your current and future organizational needs comprehensively


We help build the best of breed SaaS solutions that match your organizational needs. We offer ready templates and frameworks that act as delivery accelerators for deployment of SaaS applications, making use of the cloud computing infrastructure.
We offer core infrastructure migration and innovative cloud services that ensures seamless infrastructure migration to the cloud.
We help build solutions to transform on-premise applications into highly scalable applications leveraging distributed computing. Our PaaS services reduces the time to develop, test, provision and deploy applications to the cloud, from months to days.

Proof of Concept Phase to validate and check the performance and cost parameters while migrating proposed application to Cloud

Mapping of existing technology stack to Cloud offerings, Technical Resolution, POC Development and Demonstration

Functional POC

Data Migration Phase

Evaluation of Cloud storage options against the local-storage options, NoSQL or Relation Database, or Effort estimation required to migrate data to the Cloud, measure latency and read-write response-time of data on datasets

Data Migration Strategy

Data Migrated to Cloud

Application Migration Phase

Forklift migration strategy and hybrid migration strategy, Check whether application Stateless or Stateful, Instancing, Multitenancy models, Scalability

Application Migration Strategy

Application Migrated to Cloud

Leverage Cloud Services

Leverage additional benefits of the Cloud like auto scaling, edge caching the static content, auto-recovery and elasticity, refactoring and decomposing the targeted application into components so that it is more scalable, disaster recovery implementation, implementation of business continuity strategy

Enhanced performance, scalable application, disaster recovery



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