Testing Services - Performance Testing

Our performance testing team has experience for LoadRunner, WAPT, jMeter, WATIR and many more tools to ensure performance of applications developed using different technologies such as .Net, Java, PHP, SharePoint, HTML5.

We have matured and consistent performance testing methodology which is very carefully divided into phases as we also need to manage different entry points at a project / engagement. We start with the relevant phase as and when our team is involved for performance testing at a project.


Performance testing tools have constraints to recognize objects on application user interface and due to which experience of working on different technology based application is critical. This reduce cost of following activities during the engagement:
  • Selection of parameters critical for tool selection
  • Short list 2-3 tools relevant with budget, time, re-usability of scripts
  • Create and deliver Proof of Technical feasibility for short listed tools
  • Create scalable scripts with carefully calculated ramp-up and ramp-down number of users with time interval
  • List of parameters and role holders required before, during and after performance tests to identify root cause of performance issue

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