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Get smarter responsive managed security services for improved protection of endpoints, applications and networks, while being in control of compliance guidelines and regulations.



Databases carry the most critical information on customers and their transactions. Any kind of loopholes in securing them can lead to great embarrassment and loss for the business. Gateway labs with McAfee has the capability to protect such valuable and critical informations.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Virtual patching for databases
  • Database activity monitoring


Gaining a clear understanding into the location as well as nature of the critical and sensitive data assets sits at the core of solid data protection practice. A security strategy is destined to fail unless an organization has clear visibility for the data that it needs to protect and where the information resides within the corporate environment – before you can protect your data, you must find it. Gatewaylabs with PixAlert is capable of allowing you to identify your sensitive information anywhere on the network.

  • Data discovery
  • Data classification
  • Image detection and management


Managing vast and distributed global networks is a complex task. Endpoint user misconduct, whether unintended or malicious, overlooked technical errors can cause significant and costly damage to corporate networks.

One of the greatest challenges faced is ‘how to improve their overall IT and security posture in a climate of minimal resources’. NINtec and Promisec together can deliver suitable solution that will help organizations manage and protect their endpoints, across globally dispersed and multiple sub-networks, through our patented agentless technology.

  • Unprecedented network control, optimization and performance
  • Change configuration
  • license management
  • Migration
  • Identity, access management and byod


To gain access into an enterprise requires one to follow a number of steps. Employees need to enter buildings, open gates, enter networks, or open applications. But a majority of the time, organizations silo these physical and logical systems or manage them in isolation, which results in Multiple ID's, Passwords, and Tokens. This causes headaches, not only for staff, but also for the IT and other departments responsible to control such swarm of identities.

  • Identity, access management and byod
  • Delivers a converged solution to these multiple challenges.


Managing network security for today's enterprise has become a complex, resource-intensive operation involving multiple firewalls, routers and switches. Security teams handle dozens of configuration changes every day to network devices that are often located at distributed sites and maintained by multiple teams. While the business demands network access, it is up to security teams to enforce corporate policy and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Firewall analyzer
  • Firewall workflow
  • license management
  • Migration
  • Identity, access management and byod


Each month brings new media coverage of a targeted attack against a business, government, or critical infrastructure operator previously considered “invulnerable.” As more organizations encounter advance malware issues - the cost, disruption, and public humiliation of data breaches and targeted attacks become an executive-level discussion. Comprehensive threat protection requires coordination of anti-malware technologies deployed with sensitivity to performance and risk. GSecureLabs and McAfee together prepare you for the onslaught.

  • Target-specific sandboxing increases detection accuracy
  • Freeze the threat
  • Initiate fix

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