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Clear Market leaders in Automotive Aftermarket segment with more than 100 implementations adopting early trends and business drivers.


Eingebaute Lösungen, die die Teile-Handling-Plattform durch technologische Innovationen neu definiert. Unsere Lösungen beinhaltet folgende Leistungen:

  • Teilemanagement und Bestandsmanagement
  • Lieferantenmanagement
  • Bestellung und Tracking
  • 3D-Teile-Modellierung
  • Multi-Plattform-Katalogisierung und Bestelllösungen
  • Mobilität basierend Bestellung und Tracking
  • Predictive Analytics für eine effektive Teilemanagement und Marktvorsprung
  • Integrierte Auto Ökosystem für die Erhebung von Echtzeitinformationen auf einer einheitlichen Plattform
  • 70% schnellere Teile zwischen den einzelnen Ländern wie Belgien, Frankreich, Großbritannien und Niederlande zu liefern
  • Über 800 Garagen Zugriff auf Teile Inventar Plattform
  • Über eine Milliarde Bestellungen werden bearbeitet
  • Mehr als 1 miliion Euro in jährlichen Einsparungen durch die Automatisierung von Aufträgen


Designed and implemented unique one-stop-shop management system designed to meet current and future needs of tire and wheel suppliers. Our customized e-Commerce and mobility solutions provide the best combination of online purchase and service booking facility for Tires and Wheels. Our solutions includes the following:

  • Garage locators
  • Marketing offers
  • Tire purchase
  • Breakdown service
  • Contract management
  • 80% shop occupancy achieved through effective scheduling and online systems
  • Cross-selling and up-selling resulting into above 60% of next appointment confirmed
  • Average revenue increased by 40%


  • Worked with the largest garage chains across Europe, with real time and advanced proactive maintenance services
  • Designed and implemented technologically innovative user-friendly enterprise garage management system for garage owners, mechanics and customers
  • Our futuristic initiatives help build solutions like OBD solutions for cars, work planner, task-time allocator, augmented reality applications for mechanics, deals and garage analytics
  • 35% reduction in Vehicle Service Turnaround Time (VTT)
  • 20% annual reduction in reception costs through online systems
  • Managed more than 60 million supplier orders for service parts
  • Managed more than 80,000 online appointments annually
  • More than 20,000 unique visitors added monthly


Designed and implemented damage repair solutions that increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and efficiency of service providers. These solutions help:

  • 50% Reduction in time for claims processing
  • Restore vehicles after an accident or collision
  • Added offerings like seamless connectivity for collaboration between organizations handling claims, repairs, restoration and payouts
  • Handled more than 40 Third-Party data services integrations
  • Solutions and services used by over 70 garages with an average of 50,000 services
  • System that manages 2,000 concurrent users
  • Innovative solutions that result in 20% increase in mechanics' productivity


Built solutions for web and mobile that cater to customers; like quick look-ups, parts information, quote functions, work orders, invoicing capabilities, and appointments. They help in finding the best replacement and repair provider within custmers budget with faster turnaround time to fix problems

  • 3-stepped fast & efficient glass repair solution
  • 30% increase in service turnaround time achieved by web and mobile access
  • Find, book and report platform connected with garages, dossiers and service planning

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